World Top Ten Wedding Venues

Many wedding related magazines are publishing annually their lists of best wedding locations in different countries and the world so we decided to the same at least for once… Choice is subjective and some locations are maybe not top ten but are certainly nice.

10. Is there anything more romantic then wedding in gondola in Venice. This old Italian town with its architecture is a perfect destination and it’s not even expensive.

9. Among all wedding venues and ideas, one of the more popular thoughts, is to get married on a private island. Palm island on Grenadines is a private resort which offer free wedding if you stay in their resort for at least 8 days. Being free in such nice surrounding certainly add something to the table.

8. If you want country side wedding then you probably would never guess that one of the best choices for this type of wedding is located in South Africa. Cathedral Peak Hotel  is located 250 kilometers from Durban and 400 km from Johannesburg. Those mountains behind are actually Unesco world heritage site.

7. What would you say if we say you that wedding on this place bellow can be free. Place bellow is Barcelo Los Cabos Palace and if you book 25 nights in a room or 25 rooms for one night for your family, you get wedding for free. Place is located in Mexico and if you can freely check what people say about it on Trip Advisor.

6. Number six is Blue Lagoon wedding on Iceland. Just imagine having wedding in this environment and then after party in the hot spa water.

5. Number ten on our list is Sandals La Toc on St Lucia island in eastern Caribbean Sea. The best thing is that they offer fully planned wedding with different themes. You get lots of things for free, like personal butler or wedding on the beach and professionally made photos and videos.

4. If you want that your future bride feels like a princess you should really consider getting married in the real castle. There are thousand of castles all over the world which will setup everything as you wish for the right money. One of those places is Ashford castle in Ireland. Yes, real medieval castle on your disposal :).

3. Wedding in Paris, city of light and love is on number 3 on our list. It can be relatively cheap and is especially suited for small weddings. Imagine to get merried on the top of Eiffel tower.

2. Imagine the following situation… lonely beach, peaceful summer evening and a buddhist priests who performs your wedding ceremony. You can try this on Koh Samui in Thailand.

1. Number one is one of the most famous and romantic Greek islands – the Santorini Island. Island is located in Aegean sea and thousand of tourist visits this place. Vivid colors and pictoresque landscape will be captured for ever on your wedding photos.

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