Mount Korab

The Mount Korab is the natural border between Macedonia and Albania. It is the highest mountain in both countries. The Mount Korab has number of peaks, but the highest is Golem (Great) Korab at 2764 meters. The name “Korab” refers to the ancient Slavic god of the sea.

Beside the number of peaks and beautiful landscapes, Mount Korab is home to the Korab waterfall which is situated in valley of the Dlaboka Reka river and reaches height of over 130 meters during the spring time. Apart Korab waterfall, which is the highest in Macedonia, there are several lakes on the mountain. The largest is Gramë Lake located on the Mali i Gramës in Albania. In its highest parts, above 2000 meters, the climate is alpine, and has alpine flora elements.

Macedonian government only opens Mount Korab for climbing once a year, on 8 September, to celebrate Macedonian Independence Day. So, the best chance to climb Mount Korab is to join the International climb, and the climb is organized by the mountain club PSD “Korab”, Skopje. There are no formal restrictions on climbing from the Albanian side. The area is now much safer than before. During the Balkan wars, mountain served as a front and there is still a mined zone around the mountain.

Interesting fact is that Korab is pictured in the coat of arms of Macedonia.

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