What to say about me… I am from Southeast Europe and I like nature and various places around the world, but as I am not currently in opportunity to travel, I surf and I select favorite locations and write few lines about them here… Someday when I get rich 😀 I will see them all… When my friend said it would be interesting to share them with people worldwide, this blog was born.

So, you too don’t have money or time to travel or see some interesting places around the world or you have, but you are looking for next challenge? Then you are on the right place.  Twice at week, strange, exotic, unusual or not unusual places with few pictures, so you can take look and admire to our magnificent world, nature and human kind. If you have any location suggestions, or you want  to write for us about your favorite location, feel free to drop few lines with images [email protected] to email a, and it will be published as soon as possible.

Our site is excellent guest post opportunity where you can establish yourself as a travel writer. We would be very grateful if you could contribute to our site.

For contributing writers there are no specific contributor guidelines. Drop us a line on a Contact page and tell us your idea.

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