Palagruža – Adriatic Heart

Palagruža is a small Croatian archipelag in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It consists of one bigger main island, named Velika Palagruža and one smaller island named Mala Palagruža. Velika Palagruža is 1400 m long and 300 m wide. Also there is about twenty rocks or reefs around. Palagruža is located 123 km south of Split (Croatia) and 160 km east of Pescara (Italy). Palagruža is closer to Italy mainland then Croatian. It is about 42 km from Monte Gargano. Many states controlled Palagruza during history. Austro Hungary empire built lighthouse in 1875. Lighthouse is located on cliff in the middle of the island 90 m above sea level, and it is also site of meteorological station. Palagruža is surrounded with dangerous waters, and landing can be difficult. Island is uninhabited, except lighthous workers and summer tourists, who can stay in two units of residential accommodation. There is only one sand beach. On Velika Palagruža exists archeological site. Waters of Palagruža are ideal for divers, however individual diving is forbidden.
Transfer to the Palagruža is organized from the port in the town of Korčula, on the island of Korčula, everyday at 7 am with speed boat. Getting to Korčula is very easy by ferry line from Split. Since there is no any shop on Palagruža it good idea to get groceries on time.

It is interesting that Palagruža lighthouse is biggest on the Adriatic sea.

Pictures by Zeljan Nonkovic and Laszlo Borli from

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