Alpine Chalets of Courchevel

Courchevel is a huge skiing resort in the French Alps that consists of 4 different villages. Every village offers everything a man could want – including the great choice of ski lodging.

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The choice of accommodation in Courchevel varies from absolute luxury to comfortably cheap, but since Courchevel is considered to be a VIP resort, the term “comfortably cheap” should be taken with some reasonable caution. Two out of 8 six stars hotels in France are in Courchevel, which makes it the only ski resort in France that has the hotels with “palace” ranking. Besides the hotels, Courchevel is known for its alpine chalets, the kind of luxurious ski cabins that are usually far beyond the price reach of the ordinary men.

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The chalets in Courchevel are most often made to be individual, sometimes duplex or with more suites, and usually have anywhere from 100 to 300 m2. You can expect them to be equipped with a TV, Jacuzzi, fireplace, several bathrooms and bedrooms, laundry, sometimes Turkish bath or sauna. Services included or available upon request are chief cook, housekeeper, baby-sitting, hair stylist, concierge, massages, evening entertainment, taxi, helicopter or limousines booking… you name it, it’s available. Some even have their private cinemas or swimming pools. The staff is professional and attentive to every detail, making you feel like a royalty.

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If you have time to conduct a serious research, and if you get lucky on top of that, you may find some nice deals on ski chalets. There are less luxurious ones, and they may be your best bet. Courchevel is part of the world’s largest linked ski area, and some additional efforts to find the affordable accommodation there will undoubtedly be worth it, once you get there. After all, one could imagine that all those VIPs that spend time there would know why they are coming year after year.

Alpine Weekend HousePhoto by michaelarent

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