Winter Sun Holidays in North Cyprus!

While temperatures can reach in the 30’s during the summer time in North Cyprus, the winters can be slightly cooler and less like beach weather. Nevertheless, if you live somewhere where the weather becomes unbearably cold and dreary during the winter months, then North Cyprus will be a great holiday getaway for you and you will no doubt appreciate the difference in temperatures. There are plenty of both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy during the winter, as the weather is still generally inviting and not as intense as countries situated further north.

Kayala Bay, Northern CyprusPhoto by vcorne00

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If you are in North Cyprus in late October and have a keen appreciation of art, you can visit the Girne Public Library where many artistic exhibitions are on display. These are life drawings of the human body in various forms and poses created by famous local artists. Art fans will truly appreciate this event.

Northern CyprusFlickr /Guy Frankland

Around this time, October, summer activities are actually still available. Everything from paragliding and scuba diving to swimming and sun bathing can be done during your holiday in North Cyprus until the weather says otherwise. It is difficult to predict and no one ever really knows when the warm summer weather will come to an end, but until then, you can keep doing everything you would normally do during the summer time.

Turkish CyprusFlickr /Speedboat

Even if you do not catch the typical warm weather activities, there are other things that you can enjoy in late autumn/winter weather such as festivals celebrating things like the carob and olive crops. In fact, it is common here for the locals to hold several festivals in celebration of citrus fruit, cheese, and grape crops. Likewise, many music festivals of various types of music are common during the autumn and winter season. Some are even held in the open air theatre of Kyrenia. These joyous music festivals welcome everyone to join in and make as much noise as they can and have as much fun as possible.

buffavento and plainsFlickr /placid casual

You can witness the process of how olive oil is made and see how it happens directly from the olive tree to the finished product. For something indeed unique to Cyprus, you can even go on an “olive picking vacation” and get involved in the manufacture of olive oil. Make your own bottle of olive oil to take home!

Cipro [CY], Girne (Kyrenia).Flickr /Fiore S. Barbato

These warm sunny winter days are also inviting of mountain hikes without the risk of rain as in the spring time. You can venture out through the many winding trails along hillsides and mountain ranges. Enjoy bird-watching or sitting down for a short while and just taking in the picturesque landscape.

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