Top 10 Worlds Most Scenic Drives

What could be better than taking your car out on a beautiful day to drive along a scenic route with a stunning panorama; but where should you go to find the world’s most scenic drives?

We all enjoy a scenic drive from time to time; taking the car for a spin along beautiful roads with spectacular views will leave you feeling refreshed and in high spirits.  To save you doing the legwork; here are the top 10 treasures that the world has to offer.

1: Alsace Wine Route (France); with its lush green fields and picturesque rolling hills, the scenery here certainly won’t disappoint.  France’s wine making region has much to offer by way of meandering roads sweeping through fields full of verdant vines, bathed in sunshine during the long balmy summer months.

By korzhkov @ Flickr

2: Transfagarasan Road (Romania); a road leading to perhaps one of the most famous, mystery enshrouded regions in the world.  Transylvania is said to be the home of the mythical Nosferatu on whom many novels and films have been modelled.  If you’re a sucker for the latest Twilight novel then this highly elevated road leading through the spectacular Carpathian Mountains certainly won’t disappoint.

By sonykus @ Flickr

3: Icefields Parkway (Canada); this is one drive you won’t soon forget, owing to the stunning backdrop of Alberta’s snow-capped, black stone mountains which await your exploration.  The road is surrounded in most places by deep green forest with an amazing variety of flora and fauna such as Bears, Elks and Moose which roam free across the landscape.  The exceptional natural beauty of the beautiful glacier blue rivers and many waterfalls to be found here will ensure that you don’t soon want to leave.

By justpedalhard @ Flickr

4: Grossglocknerstrasse (Austria); Towering to 3,798 metres above sea level and the highest mountain in the Alps, the Grossglockner is a truly awe-inspiring sight.  With an alternating landscape of pristine snow covered slopes criss-crossed with green meadows at lower levels, you’ll find it very hard to keep your eyes on the road.  The fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery make this drive a top contender for any list.

By Jakob Huerner @ Flickr

5: Munnar Road (India); the plantations covering the surrounding slopes give rise to the most delicious scent of tea and exotic spices that will excite your olfactory senses as you travel down this road.  The landscape of rolling green hills filled with a wide range of flora and fauna make for an experience you won’t forget

By legends2k @ Flickr

6: High Atlas Mountains (Morocco); if you are looking for a drive taking in varied, ever changing scenery then this is one for you.  Starting in the bustling metropolis of Marrakech, you can enjoy your drive through the magnificent snow capped mountains – passing through traditional Berber villages, stunning vista’s and photo opportunities galore – right through to North Africa and the sands of the Sahara desert.

By vtvee @ Flickr

7: Furka Pass (Switzerland); If you find yourself awestruck by the beauty of the Swiss Alps then this is another drive with stunning views and glacier ice caves waiting to be explored at ever turn.  This high altitude road offers spectacular views of the verdant scenery that surrounds; but remember to keep your eyes on the road as it carries its fair share of danger too.

By storvandre @ Flickr

8: Milford Road (New Zealand); a country with green snow capped mountains, pure air, crystalline lakes and rainforest galore; meaning you’re sure to find many beautiful drives to entertain you here.  Used as the location for many Hollywood blockbusters such as the Lord of the Rings, this has to be one of the most beautiful destinations the world has to offer.  Travel the Milford road to take in views of the 14 mile long fjord and Tasman Sea which run parallel in places.

By Daniel @ Flickr

9: Great Ocean Road (Australia); a country with no shortage of barren but scenic roads passing though desert landscape.  You can truly lose yourself easily here with only 2.8 inhabitants per square km on average.  The 170 mile long Great Ocean Road passes through stunning coastline vistas, spectacular rock formations and many other visual feasts, including the Otways rainforest which has plant species which date from the age of the dinosaurs.

By msdstefan @ Flickr

10: The Seward Highway (Alaska); perhaps one of the most stunning drives the world has to offer.  The dazzling Alaskan landscape will certainly leave you awestruck with its natural beauty.  A varied drive with verdant forests filled with spectacular flora and fauna, waterfalls a plenty and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.  Beluga Whales can even be seen at certain times, running in the waters that can be glimpsed from the highway in places.  One not to miss!

By Walt K @ Flickr

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