Things to do in Niagara Falls

You know that cartoon where some crazy daredevils go over Niagara falls in a barrel? Well, that’s illegal, so that’s not something you can do there, but there are other activities that you can enjoy in.

Niagara Falls, Skylon TowerPhoto by MusMs

Niagara Falls, from the airPhoto by sally_monster

First, the oldest and most popular – you can take a boat tour „Made of the Mist“ on one of their 4 diesel engined boats. There is no better way to get close and feel the power of the waterfalls. The boats depart from both American and Canadian side, and they are fully handicapped accessible. You will get a rain jacket, but you’ll still get wet, so it’s best to take this tour in the afternoon, because the temperatures are the warmest then.

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Niagara fallsPhoto by A.Canina

Niagara FallsPhoto by Pictophile

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You can also take the Journey Behind the Falls, another way to get very close to the waterfall. The tour behind the Horseshoe Falls lasts about 45 minutes. For one part you’re going by the elevator, and then you walk on to the observation desks. The mist of the falls will make sure that you get wet, but you’ll get a biodegradable yellow rain poncho to protect yourself from it. After the tour you can go shopping for the souvenirs, or take a family dinner close to the Falls.

Niagara Behind Horseshoe FallsPhoto by Katy Silberger

Journey Behind the FallsPhoto by Geff Rossi

Behind the HorseshoePhoto by Judley

Or, you can take a tour from the air. Riding in a helicopter is a way of combining spectacular views with the taste of adventure. The helicopters have large windows, so you can snap some fabulous photos from above, and you will get headsets in order to listen to the taped commentaries of the tour.

Niagara Falls from helicopter (Canada)Photo by jrgcastro

Finally, make sure you visit Skylon Tower, world-famous attraction that provides spectacular view of the surroundings. Its Revolving Dining Room actually revolves, full 360 degrees in an hour – you probably won’t feel it, but it’s interesting to know that your table and your food are moving.

Skylon TowerPhoto by rfzappala

Niagara Falls_11418Photo by KitLKat

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