The UK – Visiting the city of Bath

Bath is a small picturesque and elegant city that is situated within the county of Somerset in the south west of England. Approximately 97 miles outside of London, the historic settlement was awarded city status in 1590 by Queen Elizabeth I.

Bath is most famous for its hot springs and Roman Bath house: a main feature in the centre of the city. The Baths are open and usable for the public today. You could see many a visitor every day, whether they are British or German relaxing in the hot waters as they play PartyPoker Deutsch on their phones or staring up at the sky.

The name stems back to Roman times. Initially established as a spa in AD 43, Bath was known by the Latin name Aquae Sulis (the waters of Sulis). Sulis is the goddess the baths were dedicated to. The Romans knew her as Minerva, but despite this never managed to influence the name entirely, hence the Roman name Aquae Sulis. The city eventually became Bath.

Bath is an awe inspiring city to visit. It became a World Heritage Site in 1987, meaning the architecture of the entire city is protected, making it an extremely popular place for tourists. On average, over one million visitors stay in the city, while 3.8 million pass through on day trips each year.

Alongside the Roman Baths is the beautiful Bath Abbey, a church with an enriching history that towers over the town centre. The church went through many phases of disrepair, most notably during the reign of Henry VIII. However the resurgence of the Bath houses during Elizabethan times brought it back to glory.

The city has several public parks you can visit too, that are picturesque and overlook the city. The main one is Royal Victoria Park, which is a mere short walk from the city centre. The park was opened in 1830 by the then 11 year old Princess Victoria. Another popular park is Alexandra Park which has a spectacular view of them city below it.

From wonderful culture, the surrounding history, and the promenade of shops, everything about Bath screams comfort and awe. The perfect place to visit if you want to be surrounded by British history.

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