Six Best Things to See in Larnaca

Larnaca is one of the oldest town in Cyprus and one of the most visited cities in this mediterranean country. It has almost 150 000 people and most of the things here are subjected to Tourists. It’s popularity can be thanked to low cost holiday deals in almost every travel agency… For Larnaca, most of the agency have those deals even in high summer season.

Larnaca also has nicely detailed pages on Wikipedia and Wikitravel, so you should surely check them if you travel to Cyprus.

Here some of the most popular things in Larnaca:

6. Larnaca Fort Museum

This building used to be British prison but now it is a museum which hold lot of artefacts from Byzantine era. Though small, it holds every kind of stuff from the metal cookware till ancient weapon. From this place you also have best view on Larnaca beach and promenade.

Fort Larnaca 20120910 - 1Photo by Denis’ Life

5. Choirokoitia

Choirokoitia are ancient ruins even older then pyramids in Egypt. Though place lack of nice tourist info, it would be a real shame to not visit Unesco world heritage site if you were near it.

4. Larnaca Salt Lake

If you are lucky on this place you can see thousands flamingos here. Salt crystals can be quite sharp so do have good shoes before visiting.

larnaca flamingosPhoto by cauz.

3. Finikoudes Beach

Though being often overcrowded this place is perfect to meet someone from any corner of the world. Beach is also filled with services with like hundred of parking places, shops, caffes and restaurants (you can even pick world cuisines) around. Beach and water is also very clear and ideal for families.

Larnaca Beach Cyprus 20120908 - 3Photo by Denis’ Life

2. Church of Saint Lazarus

Church of Saint Lazarus is an old byzantine church from 9 century with amazing architecture. Every moment there is filled with spirituality at least when it is not filled with tourists. Services in this church are still held.

1. Wreck of Zenobia

Zenobia was ferry which sunk on its maiden voyage due the error in computer controlled balast system. When sinked it was full of cars and trucks loaded with their cargo. Now this place lies on 42 meters deep and it can be seen from air too. You should first contact nearby Dive In center before deciding to access the wreck.

Zenobia wreck Larnica CyprusPhoto by Mal B

That’s not all, you can visit many more spots which did not found their place in this article, like Larnaca Aquaduct, Stavrovouni Monastery, Natural History Museum, Halla Sultan Tekke, Larnaca castle and many more…

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