Huahine is island which belongs to the Leeward Islands group and it is located in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. It is 16 km long and has a maximum width of 13 km. Huahine is actually consisted of two islands: Huahine Nui (Big Huahine) and Huahine Iti (Little Huahine).

Huahine Nui is situated in the north, while Huahine Iti lies in the south. Its near Tahiti and from Tahiti you can take 30 minutes flight to get there.

Huahine Island
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These two islands are separated by water and in the same time linked by sand spit at low tide. There is also a small bridge which connects two islands. In the north island there is salty lake known as Lac Fauna Nui. It extends on area of 375 ha, and represents everything which is left of an old atoll lagoon. Highest peak of Huahine is the Mount Turi (669m). The south island is home to a small volcano, Pohue Rahi, which is 460 m high. Like many Polynesian islands, Huahine is also surrounded with coral reef.

Huahine Bridge, French Polynesia
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The island is covered with lush vegetation, composed mostly of coconut palms. The fauna is very rich with fishes and birds.

Jet ski tour around Huahine
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The economy of Huahine is based on fishing and tourism, similar like other Polynesian islands. Also, very important activity is production of copra and vanilla.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions on the Huahine is a bridge which crosses over the stream. It is interesting because about 1.5 m long eels can be seen. These eels are considered to be sacred by the local people and by their mythology. While watching these creatures, tourist can also feed them.

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Surrounding lagoons are crystal clear covered with white sand and you can get real feel of solitude since certain ones are virtually deserted…

You can see on the given images how the magnificent Huahine is, it is also one of our favorite Polynesian island. Place is worth the visit if you are looking for unspoiled nature and piece and solitude. On the island you can find luxury hotels and villas but there are also budget places available.

Huahine Beach
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