Five Things to See in Hong Kong

Considering that world is getting smaller and smaller and that flights everywhere are in this age of recession, cheaper then ever, every traveler with some money in the pockets should pick up his/her bags and go somewhere… Hong Kong beside offering tourist attractions will give you opportunity for a good and cheap shopping.

Also if you decide to visit Hong Kong, while you were there you should not miss these five spots…

5. Chi Lin Nunnery

Buddhist temple complex and incredibly peaceful place in such busy city.

Chi Lin NunneryPhoto by Hanoi Mark

4. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront

Main shopping area in Hong Kong. Dozen of malls, exclusive boutiques, lots of places for good food, parks and hotels…
Avenue of Chinese movie stars (something like Hollywood’s Walk of Fame) is also located here.

Hong KongPhoto by bredgur

3. Tiantan Buddha

Tiantan Buddha is a 34 meter large bronze statue of Buddha and it is the major Buddhism in this part of the world.
Access to the statue is free and available until 17:30, however entrance into the statue require fee.

The Big BuddhaPhoto by Terry Hassan

2. Repulse Bay

So once in Hong Kong, you can pick up the bus or taxi to the most famous Hong Kong beach – Repulse Bay. Clean water and sand, lifeguard in summer season, lots of caffes and restaurants nearby will make your visit very enjoyable.

Repulse BayPhoto by qbix08

1. Hong Kong Skyline from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a mountain above Hong Kong and with 544 meter high altitude it offers magnificent views above Hong Kong skyline and Victoria harbour. Even BBC declared this place as one of the 20 best skylines on the world.

Victoria Peak, Hong KongPhoto by Inmobiliaria Lares, Cangas

Victoria Peak, Hong KongPhoto by bibipan

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