Classic American Holidays – Florida

Florida holidays – what is your first thought? Probably theme parks, right – Seaworld, Disney, Universal; the Sunshine State is the theme park kingdom, there are 15 of them in total.

Disney’s World Resort is the ultimate experience for kids, and for lots of adults, having all six Disney theme parks right there on the doorstep. In the past decade the hotels and the restaurants of the World Resort are being made to suit every budget, so practically everyone can come here and have their dream family holiday.

Walt Disney World Dolphin ResortPhoto by Loren Javier

All „fun in the sun“, Florida’s beaches are too good to miss. You can rent a villa for a week or two, and have your own fun discovering the different vibes that this country is hiding. With a rented villa, you have all the comfort of your own home – do what you want and when you want it: eat by the pool, cook in the fancy kitchen, have a party, only a short ride away from the beach.

Fernandina Beach 038Photo by Michael Kappel

They also come in various sizes and shapes to fit your needs even if you’re on the budget, and you will probably find them to be more affordable than hotels, so you can save the money for your other pleasures.

Naples Villa 2Photo by MeckiMac

If you decide to go south to Florida Keys, make sure you visit at least a part of Everglades National Park and explore the wildlife there: crocodiles, snakes, and Florida panther, the official animal of the state of Florida.

Everglades floridaPhoto by cuatrok77

The Keys are a spectacular place for fishing and diving. Near the Keys is the only living coral ecosystem in North America, a beautiful thing to see, but not to touch because the reef is very sensitive.
Diving and snorkeling in Keys are often compared to those in the Caribbean, and if you wish to swim with the dolphins, there are facilities that offer this kind of activity too.

Snapper, Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Florida KeysPhoto by PMC 1stPix

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