Which continent has no permanent population?

The answer is Antarctica! This is the continent with no native population or permanent residents. No-one lives there and before 1820 no-one came on Antarctica. The early explorers were the first people who set eyes on this cold continent. Today, many countries have their scientific bases there. Usually, the team of scientists and support stuff spend only couple of years there. After that the next team arrives.

Antarctica has about few thousands of visitors during the summer, and a few hundred during the winter.

The main reason why no-one can live there is the extreme coldness. The next reason is very thick ice sheet and also the isolation from other continents.

But despite of all these facts, Antarctica has very rich wildlife resources, which is very exploited in the past, especially whales, seals and penguins. The Patagonian tooth fish is protected specie because large number of ships went into Antarctic waters to catch this fish.

It seems that the main exploitation of Antarctica in the future will be tourism. Because there is increasing number of interested people, there is a plan for hotels and even casino on this continent.

At the end, there is a question who owns Antarctica?

The Antarctic Treaty say that Antarctica is no one land reserving it only for scientific purposes while simultaneously ban all military activity on it.

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