Where is Ibiza located?

Summer, heat, sun, seaside, vacation, party. All of these have definitely one thing in comment: Ibiza!!!
Everyone probably knows that Ibiza is one of the most popular tourist destinations. But, does every one of us know where Ibiza really is?

Ibiza (native name: Eivissa) is one of the most visited islands in the whole world. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is part of community Baleares islands in Spain. 80km far from the coast and the city of Valencia and surrounded with over fifty other islands, belongs to the Pine islands along with Formentera. The biggest cities are Ibiza town and Sant Antonio.

Beside the great climate and interesting historical data, Ibiza offers a very rich nightlife. That is the main reason for the popularity of Ibiza. Five star hotels, nightclubs, club sunrises, famous DJs, various type of music and artists…all these facts brought the popularity of Ibiza. The best parties are, naturally at the city of Ibiza, which is the center of a good summer life. The most popular clubs are Privilege, Eden, Amnesia, Underground, Gala night and many others. Many DJs are using these club parties to promote their music and new albums.

One of the things that are one the list “must see” is watching the sunset from the well known bar CafĂ© del mar.

Beside the popular nightlife, Ibiza was inspiration for many writers, singers and directors. There are many novels and screenplays inspired with the peculiarity of Ibiza. Interesting information about Ibiza: there is a musical genre that has been forged from a special atmosphere in Ibiza: puts together the sound of waves, mandolins, guitars.

So if you still haven t made your decision about visiting Ibiza or not, we definitely say YES, you won t regret it.

Janika is 24 years old student of Italian language and literature, so as Serbian language and literature at Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia. She is a long time writer for Across the Planet. Her favorite topics are archaeological sites and nature reserves. She like animals especially cats and her favorite hobbies are aerobic and photography.

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    Do you still thinking of relaxing in a luxurious holiday villa in Ibiza,………..come on,The island, which is part of the Balearic Islands, measures 575 square kilometers with 50 breathtaking beaches, spectacular cliffs and soft, white sand is just waiting for you.

  2. Spain is the finest holiday destination all over the world for all group of age,there are many places like Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa Maresme, Ibiza and Mallorca (Majorca),where you can enjoy luxurious villa’s life with long white sand beaches and also late parties night.

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