Best Jamaican Beaches

Jamaica is considered as a country with best and nicest beaches among all Caribbean countries. Thanks to them, Jamaica holidays are considered as the ideal playground for people of all ages and sexes. So if you are visiting Jamaica or are already there here are some of the best and most popular Jamaican beaches which you should definitely visit.

Number one beach in Jamaica is the Negril seven mile beach, made up from white sand. It is probable also among the top 20 most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located in the western part of Jamaica in the parish named Westmoreland and is actually only 4 miles long.

Negril Beach

After Negril, comes probably the worldwide known beach Blue Lagoon (place where original Blue Lagoon movie is filmed). This lagoon has specific shades of colors of sapphire, turquoise, azure blue and green… It is located 6 miles east of Port Antonio in eastern Jamaica and contain bunch of small beaches inside.

Blue Lagoon

Another famous beach in Jamaica is the Doctor’s Cave Beach Club. Located in the Montego bay is protected from the open sea and water have specific variant of turquoise color. Water is crystal clear and beach is excellent for swimming beginners. Downturn of this beach is that it can get very crowded in the season.

Doctor's Cave Beach Club

Font Hill Beach is also among the more popular ones. It is located in the St Elizabeth. Since it owned by a private company it has lot of services included like lifeguards, picnic tables, lockers. Beach is covered with the golden sand and it has rope area.

Font Hill Beach

There are many more beaches in Jamaica. Recommended beaches are: Alligator Pond, Bluefields Beach, Climbing Dunns River Falls, Frenchmans Bay, Gut River, James Bond Beach, Long Bay Beach, Ocean View Beach, Treasure Beach and many others… Over 70 beaches are commercially exploited.

Best time to visit all of them is from December to April.

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